Target heart rate zones will be available on the next update for Apple Watch this fall.

The new ways iPhone, Apple Watch try to keep you healthy

Apple devices track your heart rate, your steps, and how hard you work out. In some cases, users said they saved their lives. Now Apple wants to make sure you don’t skip your medications.

Last Monday, during the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple detailed several software updates coming this fall changing how you use an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook.

While many of those features will help Apple device owners stay organized and in touch, the tech giant is also looking at new ways to get users thinking about their health.

“We were working on the (Apple) Watch and realized the watch was with you all the time, and thought there’s a real opportunity and maybe even a moral responsibility to help people on their journey on health,” said Apple chief operating officer Jeff Williams during an interview with USA TODAY. “We continue to pull on those threads and are doing more and more in the area of empowering people with information and helping them live a healthier life.”

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